French, also one of the Romance languages, is widely spoken throughout the world today. There are 90 million who speak French as a mother tongue, 190 million as a second language, and about 200 million as a learned language within 54 countries. Most native speakers reside in France, the country of origin, but there are huge numbers all over Europe, North Africa, and Canada as well. The French speaking European community, outside of France, are centered in Belgium (Walloons), Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Principality of Monaco. In North Africa, from Morocco to Algeria, they speak French and are part of the Francophone region. In Canada, French is mainly spoken within Quebec, but is also spoken in other cities such as Ottawa. In the US, there are people who speak French in states that border Canadian provinces, however, the center of French speaking Cajuns and Creoles is based in Louisiana. The language is associated with romance, fine wine, delicacies, and has its roots in a combination of Latin and Provencal.

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