If you have been studying a foreign language and want to check your progress, MyLanguageLounge invites you to take the proficiency test for the language that you are mastering. The results will indicate if you are at a beginner, elementary, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced level. Please be aware that the results you will obtain serve the sole purpose of self-evaluating your skills. As you progress in your course, together with your teacher you can decide when you’re ready to take one of the exams.


A Beginner cannot understand or speak the language. True or complete beginners have had no prior exposure to the language, whereas false beginners have had some past experience with the language (via the media, school, or other venues).


Intermediate learners can speak the language well, but are still not 100% fluent in it. They can understand most of the verbal language, but mistakes are pretty common. They can also read the language quite well, and can write segments of it using common sentences and patterns.


An Elementary learner understands the basic level of the language. This includes common words, structures, and sentences. They can, however, read and understand a bit more than they can actually produce.

Upper Intermediate

Upper Intermediate learners can understand nearly every aspect of the verbal and written language. They can speak the language with confidence, even in unfamiliar situations, and the standard of their writing is quite high.

Lower Intermediate

At this level, the Lower Intermediate learner understands the language fairly well. He/She can speak it in familiar situations, understands the language construction, and has a reasonable vocabulary. The learner can also read a decent amount of the language, but may find writing challenging.


An Advanced Learner can communicate clearly and is effective in both aspects of the verbal and written language. Their mastery of listening and reading is good, however, occasional errors and misunderstandings may occur.

MyLanguageLounge is solely responsible for the test content, not your results/score. 

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