How It Works

Creating a profile is your first step towards learning your new language. Once your profile has been submitted and you’ve purchased one credit for your trial lesson at a discounted rate, one of our coordinators will contact you.  We will assign you the tutor who can best help you based on your level and availability.

The class will take place through Zoom or Skype (your preference), a free and safe program more and more used to easily communicate from any location around the world at no cost to the user. A link to download Skype and/or Zoom can be found on our home page for your convenience.

If you enjoy your trial lesson and would like to continue studying with us, then you may schedule your next session directly with your tutor during your trial lesson. When you purchase your first package, MyLanguageLounge will add a free lesson to your credits.

When your profile is activated you will be able to log in and keep track of your credits. You will also be able to see the history of your lessons as scheduled and contact your tutor and our coordinators directly from the site.


“My daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with MyLanguageLounge since the launch of the school. The high level of intellectual and friendly service has never wavered. From start to finish of every lesson, they have always kept my young daughter (now 13) and me interested and looking forward to our next lesson with great anticipation. Their ability to explain and instruct both verbally and visually via Skype or Zoom while keeping the lesson interesting is a rare find. I witness often the ability to apply the language we are learning because of her processes and teachings. Why else would we be taking private lessons unless we can apply them! As a parent and adult always seeking to better myself, I find learning a language beyond English fun and increasingly necessary to be successful in business. I highly recommend and endorse Mylanguagelounge as a valuable and enjoyable tool to learn any language.”

“After studying Spanish on my own for two years I was still not very comfortable speaking the language. I had no one to practice with and realized that I really did need the assistance of a live tutor if I was ever to reach fluency. I was introduced to MyLanguageLounge through a friend and I decided to give it a try. My first lesson turned out to be very interesting and fun, I proceeded with purchasing a package and have been hooked ever since. The prices are very competitive and scheduling classes around my busy schedule was very easy. I’m a big fan of the service and highly recommend it to anyone that would like to take their second (or multiple) language learning to the next level. “