About Us

MyLanguageLounge specializes in a wide array of International languages. We teach each language with precision and fluency, all while helping you learn your desired language within your time and budget. Our goal is to assist you in mastering your new language within a fun and exciting venue!

MyLanguageLounge was founded in 2010 by me, Simona Giuffrida. I was born in Catania, Sicily and I have lived in Italy, England, Colorado, Florida and California. Since I was a child I traveled with my parents and developed a passion for foreign languages, a passion that became stronger at the age of 10 when, for the first time, I interacted with English speakers. I immediately decided I wanted to learn English and become fluent. I attended the University of Catania to obtain my degree in foreign languages and literatures and studied English, French and Spanish. MyLanguageLounge was founded to help others becoming fluent in the language that they have always dreamed of learning and to virtually meet people who share my enthusiasm and love for travelling, foreign languages and foreign cultures.